be your own pro

I recently had the pleasure of starring in a social media campaign for a new beauty brand, Kiss NY Pro. It was such a blast to shoot. Hope you enjoy the video below!

leading with the limited

leading with the limited

Hi guys! I'm excited to announce that I've been included in a pretty amazing roundup of women as part of The Limited's fall campaign, The New Look in Leadership.

It's awesome to see a brand celebrating real women making an impact in the world, one step at a time. I'm very proud and grateful to be a part of it.

Check out the campaign here, and find my profile here.

entrepreneur dinner series | women in tech

entrepreneur dinner series | women in tech

The Entrepreneur Dinner Series is one I dreamed up with a client-turned friend, Danya Cheskis-Gold from Spark Capital. We're both passionate about bringing like-minded people together over a delicious meal, so we created this series as a way to do that for women entrepreneurs. The idea being that as a successful woman in New York City doing what you love, it can be really nice to just sit and enjoy some time with other like-minded women in a similar field or position.

We started with the category 'women in tech' and it went so well that we started doing it quarterly, also in partnership with Cooley LLP (a law firm that works primarily with startups). 

This last dinner was held at Maman, a charming coffee shop and event space in SoHo.

Wine was provided by ClubW, an awesome wine subscription service. They had just released their new rosé collaboration with Yes Way Rosé, Summer Water, and everyone loved it. Check them out and get a free bottle of wine (!) by clicking here.

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