entrepreneur dinner series | women in tech

entrepreneur dinner series | women in tech

The Entrepreneur Dinner Series is one I dreamed up with a client-turned friend, Danya Cheskis-Gold from Spark Capital. We're both passionate about bringing like-minded people together over a delicious meal, so we created this series as a way to do that for women entrepreneurs. The idea being that as a successful woman in New York City doing what you love, it can be really nice to just sit and enjoy some time with other like-minded women in a similar field or position.

We started with the category 'women in tech' and it went so well that we started doing it quarterly, also in partnership with Cooley LLP (a law firm that works primarily with startups). 

This last dinner was held at Maman, a charming coffee shop and event space in SoHo.

Wine was provided by ClubW, an awesome wine subscription service. They had just released their new rosé collaboration with Yes Way Rosé, Summer Water, and everyone loved it. Check them out and get a free bottle of wine (!) by clicking here.

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clams for valentine's day on inside hook

clams for valentine's day on inside hook

Another Valentine's Day, another recipe for the guys to cook for the ladies! This year I shared a recipe for steamed clams with maitake mushrooms and israeli couscous with Inside Hook. I have to say, it's one of my new favorite dishes. And ladies, feel free to try this one out, too!

Check it out here.

whiskey for breakfast

whiskey for breakfast

Whiskey for brunch! Yes, y'all: I whipped up the perfect Fall brunch cocktail with the help of Jack Daniels' Single Barrel.

Apples, whiskey, and Chardonnay pair perfectly with cinnamon and ginger for a crowd-ready cocktail that feels just right for Fall.

Get the video and recipe here.

Happy brunching!

valentine's day menu on esquire

valentine's day menu on esquire

A sexy, easy menu perfect for both men and women to make this Valentine's Day. 

What's on the menu? A vodka gimlet with lime and St. Germain, a shaved brussels sprouts salad with marcona almond and cherry, rack of lamb with fresh ricotta and mint, and affogato with homemade caramel sauce.

Head to Esquire.com for the rundown, complete with photos and GIFs detailing every step of the way.


more of the good things for 2014

This list contains items 8 through 14 from the complete #14thingsin2014. Get them all here.

(8) make a virtual piggy bank

If you're trying to save money, try this out: Every time you skip an unnecessary expense... if you decide to cook instead of go out to dinner, if you skip that last extra drink, if you go for a run instead of a Soul Cycle class... jot that amount down somewhere. At the end of the month, or some period of time, add up what you saved. Seeing how it adds up will give you the reassurance that you're doing the right thing!

(9) be a better listener

I'm so guilty of this, and I get it - it's hard to focus sometimes on what people are saying when you have a million and one things going on in your head. But don't. Don't be self-important, don't be an asshole - someone is taking the time to speak to you. Listen. You can think about what you're having for dinner in a minute.

(10) take a break from the booze

Take a month off from drinking. I'm doing it right now for the first time, like, ever... and honestly, I feel incredible. It's not as hard as I thought it would be, and I think when I do decide to drink again, I will be more mindful about not overdoing it. I have so much going on right now - I need to be focused... I just don't have the time to be hungover for one second.

(11) read a book

If you live in NYC, there is just no excuse to not have a great book downloaded in iBooks for subway riding. And for everyone else, consider listening to an audiobook on your drive to work if you feel like you don't have time to pick up an actual book. If you're looking for a good book to read, try signing up for goodreads, a book recommendation website that sort of works like Pandora or Spotify. I'm currently reading mostly business-oriented books, and two recent favorites are Get Big Fast and Do More Good, which is written by the guys who started the Yes To Carrots brand (love them), and Breakthrough Branding.

(12) cut the social media

Seriously. I bet you would be surprised to know how much time you waste by mindlessly opening a new tab to Facebook every time you get bored or stuck on whatever you're working on. Give yourself a limit to how many times you can check a day and stick to it. Use this site to limit the time you spend there. My biggest issue is that I get sucked into articles I want to read - even if they are business-related, bookmark them for later so you don't get sidetracked.

(13) eat more greens

If you haven't tried green smoothies, now is the time! My 3-day cleanse is super-popular and pretty much guarantees the loss of a few pounds. If you're not ready to invest in a Vitamix, try a Nutri Bullet for a little over $100. Think of the money you'll save on juices - totally worth it. I'm working on some new recipes for a little eBook situation so make sure you subscribe to the newsletter to stay up on that!

(14) let happiness live inside you

Understand that you are the only one in control of your own happiness. Not material things, a promotion at work, or a relationship...  Don't let your happiness depend on something you may lose. Things are going to happen that are out of your control - you can only control how you react. The power to be truly happy lies only within you.