shrimp and grits, bourbon shrimp and grits, bbq shrimp gritsBy the time you're reading this, I will be off on my way to sunny South Florida and let me tell you, I can feel those rays already. I'm feeling a little spoiled because we just got back from Grand Cayman (for a super-amazing wedding) last week but I caught some sort of flu on the plane ride home - on my birthday nonetheless - and so I'm ready for another dose of sunshine. And besides, it's South Beach Food & Wine ... couldn't miss that, now could we? :) If you want to keep tabs on what we're up to while we're there, you can follow along on Instagram.

Something else happens today ... can you guess what it is? Yes, The Taste is on! Super-excited to watch what happens this week as always. Last week I didn't get so lucky, but the week before my shrimp and grits dish made it to the top. I've had quite a few requests for the recipe, so I wanted to make sure you knew where to find it.

Click here to go to and get the recipe!

I initially came up with this dish for a Southern dinner party. That version had blue cheese in the grits, which I loved but I omitted on the show because most chefs have a major issue with mixing seafood and cheese. Instead, I threw in some bacon. Always a good idea, right?

I hope you're enjoying watching the show!